A Regenerative
Co-living Laboratory.

Welcome to your mountain home. This is a space designed to facilitate experiences that reconnect us to each other and the natural world.

Montaia Basecamp rests at the base of the towering 11,000ft high Wheeler Crest, one of the most dramatic granite escarpments in the Eastern Sierra. We have found that this remote alpine location provides the ideal environment for deep introspection, creativity, and collaboration.

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the space

Quiet Mountain

Community Greenhouse

Musical Instruments
& Jam Space

Star-Gazing Decks

10 bedrooms,
4 bathrooms

Highspeed Wifi
(Fiber Optic)

Lawn, Hot Tub,
Outdoor Shower

Shared Spaces for
Yoga & Meditation

Highspeed Wifi (fiber optic)
Abundant Mountain Spring Water
Outdoor Hot tub
Greenhouse for Fresh Herbs
Private Desks + Group Co-working
Yoga/ Meditation/ Dance Space

The Rooms

2 Level Living Rooms
10 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms
70-Mile Views
Large Shared Kitchen
The Fairy Nest Cottage
The Pine Forest Room
The Mountain Room
The Desert Tundra Room
El Capitan Guest House
Lion's Den Room
Personal Parking Spaces
Quartz Cave Room
Geode Room
3-4 Shared Bathrooms
Community Dining Room
Co-working Spaces
Hot Tub + Outdoor Shower
Hot Tub + Outdoor Shower
Hot Tub + Outdoor Shower
Hot Tub + Outdoor Shower

What makes this
“a regenerative” space?

At Montaia Basecamp, we strive to implement regenerative and sustainable practices whenever possible. It might not be the right climate for growing out own food (in the high desert), but we still find ways do our part.

Both our electricity and our hot water heating is powered by solar panels, and our innovative cooling system eliminates the need for toxic AC-unit waste. In the winter, we heat the main spaces with a cozy central woodstove.

Basecamp runs off of only mountain spring well water, not to mention our vibrant greenhouse and a small orchard that feed us, while being fed by the house’s gray water.

The Place

As a community, we emphasize deepening connection to both self and other, exploring the surrounding wilderness, and supporting local ecological initiatives. We believe that in order to truly thrive as human beings, we must cultivate a healthy and loving relationship with the natural world around us.

Our back door opens directly into the Inyo National Forest

A pure expanse of towering granite peaks, high-desert meadows, and glacial alpine lakes. Within 30 mins drive, there are countless destinations for hiking, skiing, backpacking, and world-class rock climbing.
We are co-creating a way of life that allows for the thriving of both the human and the Earth community around us.
Upcoming Events

Land Acknowledgement

We recognize and honor that the land that we live upon is the traditional territory of the Numa (Paiute) people. It was first known as Payahǖǖnadǖ, land of flowing water.

Looking for a place to call home?

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In addition to hosting retreats and residencies, we are currently forming pods and family groups to buy additional plots of land in the area.

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