Our WFR certified guides offer several wilderness programs every year. On these expeditions, we focus on deepening relationship with our wild identity by immersing ourselves in the backcountry.
In 2023, join us for a weekend backpacking trip, a contemplative group day hike, or a weeklong Rites of Passage expedition.

Upcoming Expeditions

Co-living Residencies

Over the last 6 years, Montaia has held co-living residencies in 7+ unique locations including India, Bali, France, and Mexico! The year of 2023 is focused on longterm co-living at our primary location, Montaia Basecamp, but you'll see a few overseas community destinations on the map again in 2024.

Upcoming Residencies

Retreats & Intensives

In addition to our own team of hosts holding retreats, we frequently work with partner organizations to put on conferences, retreats, and month-long residencies for their team or creative group. Please let us know if you have a project, gathering, or community event in mind that we might be able to support you with.

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Nature Immersions

From the Eastern Sierra, California to Bali, Indonesia, our Montaia guides lead experiences that focus on bringing us back into joyful and explorative relationship with the Earth.

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Speaking/ Facilitation

Our founder, Kaela Atleework is a professional facilitator/speaker who spends 6 months out of the year here at Montaia Basecamp, and the rest of her time leading talks/workshops around the world.

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International Offerings

In addition to holding residencies and events at Montaia Basecamp, our team has co-hosted or facilitated events in 12+ countries around the world.

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Online Courses/

Most of the offerings that we hold are in person, but every so often we make time to host an online mastermind, summit, or workshop series. Check out some of our online offerings here:

Online Offerings